100th anniversary of the founding of the Tenth Circuit

In 2011, the Tenth Circuit celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding by the Florida Legislature with a six months long series of presentations by scholars, experts, attorney, judge and the pioneers of the Tenth Circuit.

These presentations were recorded and the transcription of the presentations are available by clicking the titles of the presentations below.

Creation Of The Tenth Judicial Circuit And Its Boundaries Over The Last 100 Years

February 10, 2011
Presenters: The Honorable Angela Cowden
Patrice Behnstedt, Assistant Public Defender
Speaker: Dr. Canter Brown
Sponsor: William J. Lobb, P.A. and Howell and Thornhill, P.A.

Gender, Justice And Bias

March 24, 2011
Presenters: Howardene Garrett, Assistant Public Defender
Patrice Behnstedt, Assistant Public Defender
Torea Spohr, Assistant Public Defender
Speaker: Judith E. Koons, Professor of Law
Barry University School of Law
Sponsor: Trakas & Thornhill, PA

Emerging Hispanic Diversity In The Tenth Judicial Circuit

May 12, 2011
Presenters: Hispanic Bar Association
The Honorable Peter F. Estrada
The Honorable Reinaldo Ojeda
Sara Reyes, Assistant Public Defender
Angela R. Pulido, Esquire
Gilberto Colon, Jr., Esquire
Alan L. Perez, Esquire
Speaker: Florida Supreme Court Justice Jorge Labarga
Sponsor: Colon & McNelis, P.A. and Lilly, O’Toole & Brown

History Of The State Attorney’s Office Of The Tenth Judicial Circuit

June, 9, 2011
Presenters: Hope Pattey, Assistant State Attorney
Mr. Sam Cardinale
Ms. Mary Reckeweg
Speaker: The Honorable Jerry Hill, State Attorney
Sponsor: Defense Lawyers Association

Virgil Hawkins Bar Association, Inc. “A Walk In The Life Of Jim Crowed Attorneys In The Sunshine State”

June 10, 2011
Presenters: The Honorable Karla Foreman Wright
Harold Bennett, Esquire
Nicholas Merriweather, Assistant State Attorney
Speaker: Dr. David H. Jackson, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of History,
Chairman History Department, Florida A&M University
Sponsor: Virgil Hawkins Bar Association, Inc.

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